MiH & Triffid Productions presenterar

Lördag 2015-04-11
Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45
Tid: 19.00-23.00
Åldersgräns 18 år
Biljettpris: 250 SEK

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Gothenburg - Sweden



Swedish metal band Outtrigger proudly present the official video for the brand new song ?The Last of Us?, from their debut album with the same title, released on the 12th of November 2014. Listen and buy the album here:




Outtrigger is:
Simon Peyron - vocals
John Löfgren - drums
Adam Axelsson - guitar
Joakim Agnemyr - bass
Timmy Andersson - guitar

MiH & Triffid Productions presenterar

Tisdag 2015-03-31
Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45
Tid: 19.00-01.00
Åldersgräns 18 år
Biljettpris: 250 SEK

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Ensiferum proudly endorse:
- Ibanez Guitars
- Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
- EVH Amplifiers
- Pearl Drums
- Paiste Cymbals
- Korg Keyboards


Joensuu, Finland

Omnium Gatherum


MiH & Skrikhult Production presenterar

Lördag 2015-04-25
Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45
Tid: 19.00-23.00
Åldersgräns 18 år
Biljettpris: 250 SEK

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Scar Symmetry


Deals Death


"A band that stands tall above others in the melodic deathmetal genre"
-Close up magazine-

"Elite is a powerful album with such heavy passionate riffs and deep melodies that it completely impossible not to headbang your head off."

"The passion, energy and vigor with which Deals Death attack their music leaves you no choice other than to like them. While mediocre bands passively release music that they hope you will like, Deals Death's music takes the initiative, grabs you by the throat and demands your attention and respect. They have both from me."
-Rock music critic-

"Deals Death?s Elite is a piece of aggressive, guitar driven melodic death metal that dabbles in the traditional without getting stuck in it. Deals Death is a great find for me and Elite is something I will enjoy for years to come."
-We love metal-

"Deals Death submit a successful second album which, although still leaves enough room for qualitative growth, but in sum justifies the recommendation."

"These young Swedes succeed with "Elite" but almost the balancing act between tradition and modernity, especially but - to deliver impressive mature, compositionally sophisticated and quite complex, varied album that should have fanboys of the old school as well as modern melodic death metal aficionados in for a treat"

"DEALS DEATH prove that you can muster in an almost dangerous polished genre with the right fit is still fresh"

"Groovy riffcombos, driving drums, a couple of successful keyboard melodies and catchy, energetic vocals of Olle Ekman finished an album that recalls the best of the good old days when such catchy riffs, haunting melodies and rousing choruses like "Collapse" or the video track "Fortified" could freak out discos and clubs."

"If you are going to buy just ONE melodic death metal album then Deals Death is my number one tip! I have a hard time seeing enyone else releasing a better album in 2012."

"Its melodic death metal out to the fingertips."

"Conclusion: Surprises are always nice and even better they are when they are really good too. Deals Death is not only "good" but ingenious."

"Fresh-looking songs - the sound is great! Deals Death is recommended all the disciples of the Swedish Melodic Death Metal genré"
-Heavy Hardes"

MiH & Triffid Productions presenterar

Tisdag 2015-04-21
Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45
Tid: 20.00-01.00
Åldersgräns 18 år
Biljettpris: 295 SEK

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The Netherlands - Belgium - Germany


Stockholm, Sweden



With strong choruses and a theatrical show, Bulletrain managed for a few seconds move "The Tivoli" to the Sunset strip in the mid-80's when Mötley Crüe were gettin' material for "The Dirt" and Guns N? Roses was in the making!

Bulletrain does not leave much to be desired for those who thinks that the hardrock scene was at it's best in the Glam/Sleaze era! This band could probably already tomorrow record an album which wouldn't be ashamed aside acts like Crashdïet and Crazy Lixx!
- Swedish Newspaper 'bout Bulletrain

The new Bulletrain EP Turn It Up! sent me back to the 80's in the best of ways. These Swedish rockers are not trying to reinvent heavy metal, they are playing it forward. Pounding drums, solid hooks, impressive guitar solos, and all the things we loved about the 80's right down to the 'gang style' chorus.
- Sleazeroxx.coms BC Beneke 'bout Bulletrain

In the summer of 2010, BULLETRAIN entered POLAR STUDIOS with CHRIS LANEY(Candlemass, CrashDïet, Crazy Lixx) who produced the bands debut single,
"Even with my eyes closed" and the second track "Take me to the sun" wich you can hear at Spotify and Itunes!

In the beginning of 2011, singer Robert Lindell decided to leave the band! A tough time came for the band, which also resulted in bassist Tim Svalo also left the train.

Setbacks are to be overcome! A new singer marks a start for a new era!
Bulletrain's been working with their debut album in silence.
Together with their new singer and front man Sebastian Sundberg and bass player Niklas Månsson Bulletrain's getting ready to continue where it all ended!
This decade is all about making dreams come true! If you believe it, be it!

THYRFING 20 years anniversary show

Lördag 2015-05-02
Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45
Tid: 18.00-23.00
Åldersgräns 18 år
Biljettpris: 220 SEK

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Ereb Altor


Epic Scandinavian Metal in the vein of Bathory